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Welcome to Apes Play Piano!

Apes Play Piano is a parody of a presentation I am currently working on which will be offered to a broad audience including parents, teachers, music educators and kids. It shed new light on the origin of music. Where did music come from? When did it begin? Why did music happen and how can we benefit from gaining answers to these types of questions?

I will take you on a journey back to the very beginning of humans and of music and will detail how our species invented it and how we rely upon and need music more than ever.

Through my workshop you will see how music provides an essential foundation for our cognitive development and how "the basic skills" of math, reading and science are in many ways are an outcome of music. Please stay tuned.

Apes Play Piano

Alexander Panku Performance of Bach Prelude and Fugue in C# Minor

The Best Piano In Colorado? Try it and see this stunning 100 year old Mason & Hamlin AA for yourself at one of my upcoming soirees!

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Alexander Panku Interview

I interviewed Bob Baker of Bakers Piano Center

Classical Virtuoso Duo

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Tuning and Caring for your Piano

Six Piano Playing Tips

Quick Start to Learn Piano Tips

  1. Make sure you have a piano. An acoustic piano is preferable to a digital. A digital piano can suffice for early beginners but you should upgrade to an acoustic ASAP.
  2. Listen to music. Listen to music and when you are finished listening, listen even more. Listening is one of the most fundamental aspects of playing any instrument. It is also one of the most overlooked pieces that are missed by parents who are over anxious about starting their kids on playing an instrument.
    By listening I mean that you should listen to music out habit by listening to the radio, televised concerts, attending live concerts, etc. How can you or your child decide what you like or the kind of instrument you want to play if you don’t listen to music?
    To learn to play and instrument you must learn to listen to yourself but how can you do that if you don’t listen to music in general? As parents, you can guide your children by turning off the TV and making sure that good music is playing in the background while they are doing homework, during play and family activities. There is no limit to the possibilities.
  3. Don’t listen to music that sounds like noise. Is all music worth listening to? Some would say that that is just a matter of taste. My opinion is that all music is worth listening to at least once but that some music is NOT worth listening to more than once. The bottom line is good music is not noise. If sounds like noise, move along. Great music has harmony, melody, counterpoint, is beautiful and is coherent.
  4. Commit towards making time to play and practice. This should include taking piano lessons or even subscribing to an online course that can help you to unzip your musical ambitions. There are numerous online piano playing methods that can be a productive first step.
  5. Focus on quality of practice, not quantity. Most people can benefit from playing as little as three times a week for twenty minutes. The key is to focus on the quality of your experience vs. "how much time I need to get anything out of this to make it worth my while." That can come later as you get more serious.
  6. Get your piano tuned and serviced twice a year. The key here is to hire a real professional to tune and service your instrument. Beginner or advanced, your ability to make music is limited by the condition and functioning of your piano.

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A Newly Restored Piano

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