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Tuning A 100 Year Old Steinway Concert Grand in Boulder  - (see videos below - Tuning a Steinway)

Piano Checklist - How the history and condition of your instrument affects my piano service service approach

  1. Most people DON'T KNOW that you can find out who the original owner of your Steinway was and other early history of your instrument by calling Steinway factory in Long Island, New York. - 1800 3661853, Ext. 3205 and ask for Samantha.
  2. Are you a new customer or have I tuned your instrument before? If I previously tuned your piano, I already have an idea of what I am facing and I spend a little less time determining my piano service approach. If I haven't tuned your piano before, I need to take a little more time in evaluating your instrument prior to tuning it. Here are some questions that I get answers to immediately:
  3. How did the piano hold it's tune since I last tuned it?
  4. Did it drop in pitch.
  5. Did it go sharp?
  6. If sharp or flat, does it go out of tune uniformly?
  7. How does the action look and feel?
  8. Do all the keys work?
  9. Do keys feel and respond in a uniform manner when depressed?
  10. Is there significant hammer wear?
  11. How is the tone? Too bright, or dull?
  12. Is there a range of tones available when played hard or lightly?
  13. Who is playing the piano? Serious musician frequent use or beginner or intermediate who plays more casually a few times a week?
  14. What is the condition of the cabinet and the pedal lyra (for a grand piano?) Are pedals working properly.
  15. Is the piano filthy with lots of debris inside of it?
  16. If the piano is significantly out of pitch, is the owner/player aware of that?
  17. If tuning pins are loose or marginal and it is from out of state, might your piano need some kind of humidity control?

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Steinway Piano Tuning

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Tuning a Steinway Concert Grand

View of Restoration Shop

A Newly Restored Piano

Spraying a Piece In Restoration Facility

Another Close Up of Restored Piano